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porcelain veneers

“Don’t like the shape, size, colour or stained fillings on your upper front teeth?”

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Porcelain veneers offer one of the best cosmetic dentistry options for people wanting whiter teeth and an optimum smile design.


A veneer is a customized thin covering of porcelain material which fits over the facial surface of (usually the upper) front teeth. Veneers require minimal tooth preparation and they are permanently cemented to the facial enamel of teeth.


Veneers are designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth by -

  • Masking permanently stained teeth.

  • Diastema closure – (closing of spaces between your teeth).

  • Straightening mildly misaligned teeth.

  • Improving the appearance of damaged, chipped, fractured, mildly broken teeth due to decay or trauma.

  • To achieve a more pleasing and aesthetic shape and size of the teeth.

  • To achieve a whiter and more lasting result than teeth whitening.


The most commonly veneered teeth are the upper front teeth. Minimally two venners are placed, however, four, six, or even eight veneers may be performed to give you the ultimate smile make-over.


Moderately to heavily filled teeth may require full coverage porcelain crowns rather than the thinner porcelain veneers. In some cases, a combination of ceramic crowns and veneers are used.

With appropriate case selection & treatment planning by the dentist, excellent materials & clinical procedures skilled craftmanship in fabrication and good patient oral hygiene habits, dental veneers have a very good long term prognosis and will “give you reasons to smile for many years to come”.

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