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Cosmetic Dental Work

8 Porcelain Veneers constructed in-house.


Misaligned Teeth

Dental crowding was treated with orthodontic braces over a 16 month period.

Templer, Master Max [21601] Taken 15-03-2021_132715.jpg
Templer, Master Max [21601] Taken 15-03-2021_132716.jpg

"Over bite" Correction

After careful planning and analysis, this growing patient’s class 2 malocclusion was corrected over 26 months of orthodontic treatment providing a greatly improved smile and functional bite.  The cosmetic benefits from a profile perspective as well as improved airway capabilities can also not be understated.

After Profile.jpg

Complete Smile Makeover

Orthodontic treatment was able to correct this patient's deep bite which resulted in improved dentofacial aesthetics and furthermore  allowed the newly placed porcelain crowns and veneers to have maximum longevity.

Lillis, Miss Stella [22853] Taken 09-11-2018_92434.jpg
Lillis, Miss Stella [22853] Taken 24-08-2021_140313.jpg
Sublin, Miss Caleigh [21389] Taken 06-03-2019_98377_inPixio.jpg
Sublin, Miss Caleigh [21389] Taken 06-03-2019_98374_inPixio.jpg

Open Bite Correction

4 dental extractions prior to 20 months of traditional braces were used to correct this patient’s open bite allowing for greatly improved chewing and function.

Website Before 2.JPG
Website After 2.jpg
Blackwell, Master Jesse [9705] Taken 14-07-2020_121310.jpg

Uneven Smile

This young patient’s uneven bite and misaligned teeth were predictably corrected through 18 months of braces.

Website Before 1.jpg
Website After 1.jpg

Cosmetic Dental Work

10 upper resin veneers to match 10 lower ZOOM whitened teeth.

Before 3.jpg
Before 2.jpg
After 3.jpg
After 2.jpg

"Underbite" Correction

After thorough planning and long term analysis, this patient’s underbite was corrected to deliver both a functional and cosmetic profile and bite.  The active phase of treatment spanned a little over 2 years.

before 1.jpg
after 1.jpg

Broken tooth

An accidental chipped front tooth was repaired with layered composite to restore the tooth to a near new appearance.


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