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General dentistry

At the Dentist
At the Dentist

Comprehensive Dental Check-up

Healthy teeth for life starts here at Tooth32


After a thorough examination of oral tissues, data collection, radiographs, and discussion of your “needs and wants”, we are able to formulate an accurate diagnosis followed by careful treatment planning tailored to each individuals.


Beautifully sculpted restorations at Tooth32 that are both functional and aesthetic

Fillings are the corner stones of general dentistry. At TOOTH32, our operators are dedicated to the earliest possible detection of dental decay and the subsequent preservation and restoration of tooth structure using conservative operative techniques.

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Dentist Review

Emergency Dentistry

We are here to help. You are our priority


Dental Emergencies should be attended to quickly.  Prolonging treatment will complicate the treatment process. Our highly trained team will look after you.


Some signs to look out for are:

  • Toothache triggers such as hot or cold.

  • Loose teeth

  • Bleeding gums

  • Broken tooth

  • Swelling around the teeth or gums

  • Swelling of the face, head and neck regions


Crowns & Bridges

Commonly known as “caps”, crowns are realistic ceramic prostheses that encapsulate teeth to restore strength, appearance and function. In general, crowns are used when a more extensive and stronger restorative solution is required to restore a tooth. These can be made through either a single or dual appointment procedure at Tooth32 and often used in cosmetic transformations on deteriorated and misaligned teeth.


Crowns may be used when:

  • Previously heavily filled teeth are at risk of cracking, have already cracked and lost cusp(s) or substantial tooth matter such as root canal treated teeth.

  • In conjunction with titanium dental implants to restore missing teeth.

  • Placed on moderately or heavily filled teeth to later support partial dentures.

  • To cosmetically mask staining, dental developmental abnormalities, alter the shape, appearance and even the alignment of your teeth.


Dental bridges are fixed prosthetics used to replace missing teeth that is carried out for cosmetic and functional purposes.  At Tooth32 we utilise a variation of bridge designs to ensure that the brief of filling a gap is fulfilled but in a manner protective of the adjacent teeth.  Bridges were the gold standard to replace missing teeth before the popularity of dental implants but still holds its place in modern day dentistry.


Root Canal Treatment

Let us save your tooth!

Deep dental decay, trauma or cracked tooth syndrome can cause bacteria and toxins to progress into the core of the tooth otherwise known as the 'dental pulp'.  This causes injury to the tooth and infection (abscess) often occurs thereafter. For the individual this usually results in acute pain and throbbing of the affected tooth, leaving you with two choices: Root Canal Treatment or Extraction of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment sounds intimidating and may conjure up negative attitudes in some patients, however, the treatment is reliable and the success rate is good, as long as the tooth is restorable.


Occasionally, root canal treatment may fail over years of use for reasons such as re-infection or physical wear and tear resulting in cracks.

Therefore, upon completion of Root Canal Therapy we would routinely recommend a protective restoration such as a Crown or Onlay restoration for the treated tooth.

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Dental Extraction

It’s time to say goodbye.

At Tooth32, we believe in providing optimum treatment because it is in the best long-term interests of the patient to keep as many of their natural teeth as possible. However, if the prognosis of a tooth is poor or guarded, extraction of the tooth may be the best option.

Teeth may have a poor or guarded prognosis due to:

  • Periapical abscess as a result of an infected pulp caused by deep and untreated tooth decay

  • Excessive tooth mobility caused by periodontal disease or trauma.

  • Periodontal abscess caused by periodontal disease.

  • Bulk loss of tooth structure due to dental decay.

  • Vertical root fracture.

Our aim is to prevent dental diseases from progressing to the stage where extraction is the only option. Losing a tooth does not mean that you have to live with large gaps in your dentition, options can be discussed with our friendly team.


At TOOTH32, we provide quality dentures. They are fabricated locally in Adelaide, South Australia.

Dentures are the most economical way to:

  • Replace several missing teeth (partial denture).

  • Replace the full dentition in patients who no longer have any natural teeth remaining (full denture).

In many cases, full dentures can be combined with dental implants to greatly add retention and stability for superior functionality and patient comfort.



Anxious? Scared? No Problem!

If you are dentally anxious and have avoided coming to the dentist because of this, you don’t need to worry any longer. Our clinicians and nurses are gentle and caring health care professionals, who will guide you through the treatment process, systematically desensitize your fear and ensure that your dental visit is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our surgery is equipped with nitrous oxide sedation, also known as “happy gas” to enhance our management of your dental anxiety. Pre-medication (diazepam) and the Penthrox inhaler are other options available to reduce dental anxiety.

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