Strategic Partners

A2 Dental Laboratory

At TOOTH32, we exclusively engage the services of A-Two Dental Laboratory located at Dulwich, South Australia.

Mr Youngshin Choi and his team of Dental Technicians pride themselves on their outstanding quality of work. The A-Two team of qualified Dental Technicians have gained their Diploma of Dental Technology qualifications from leading institutions in Australia and South Korea. The knowledge and skills of Choi and his team result in high quality functional, predictable and aesthetic dental prosthetic solutions for TOOTH32 patients. A-Two is constantly researching and developing techniques as well as updating laboratory equipment to aid client dentists in producing outstanding results. A2 Dental Lab has built a strong reputation in Adelaide in providing the dental profession with a full range of implant prosthetics and restorations. A2 Dental Lab is very proud of what they have accomplished by their devoted team members.

The Mission of A-Two Dental Laboratory is “to support client dentists in their endeavours to improve and change the lives of their dental patients through the fabrication and provision of exceptional dental prosthetic solutions”. A-Two values its close relationships with client dentists and provides valuable support to them with regular visits and meetings, case discussion, the sharing of ideas and knowledge through networking as well as providing dental implant CPD courses, training and workshops through their affiliate, MegaGen Australia.

A-Two's boutique dental laboratory fabricates a variety of indirect dental prostheses. Indirect dental prostheses are those which are fabricated outside of the patient's mouth in a dental laboratory by a dental technician and then cemented or inserted into the mouth of the patient by the treating dentist. Impressions are required for indirect dental work.

Examples of indirect dental prostheses include:

  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Ceramic Restorations (for amalgam replacement)
  • Dentures
  • Implant prosthetics
  • Night guards & Mouth Guards
  • Teeth Whitening trays

Mega'Gen Austalia


TOOTH32 is proud to be a strategic partner with MegaGen Australia and the International MegaGen family, liasing, learning and working with a local team with global links. Mr Youngshin Choi and his MegaGen team are dedicated to providing the latest technological innovations through their wide range of implant products and laboratory implant restoration fabrication, with A2 Dental Laboratory co-located under the same roof. MegaGen is committed to its customers; the client dentists who provide excellent patient care utilising this integrated and exceptional implant system.

MegaGen Australia provides TOOTH32 with wide range of innovative products, their latest promotions, seminars, workshops, group discussion of clinical cases and publications.

The commitment of MegaGen Australia to constantly evaluate and improve is reflected in their corporate culture. They are dedicated to offering a fast and efficient response in order to resolve any implant technical issues that TOOTH32 may encounter and to assist Dr O’Leary in providing the best solutions for his patients.