Fillings are the corner stones of general dentistry. At TOOTH32, our dental clinicians are dedicated to the earliest possible detection of dental decay and the subsequent preservation and restoration of tooth structure using conservative operative techniques. We employ a range of dental materials to replace missing tooth structure and the choice of materials we use varies from patient to patient depending on case selection criteria such as:

  • Depth of dental decay
  • Amount of sound remaining tooth structure
  • Strength requirements
  • Tight contact points
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Longevity of the restoration
  • Patient preference

The main techniques used are:

Direct placement (placed chair-side by the dentist in a single visit):

  • Glass Ionomer Cement ( therapeutic tooth coloured material)
  • Composite Resin (aesthetic tooth coloured material)
  • Dental Amalgam (least common material used)

Indirect placement (fabricated in the dental laboratory, prepared and placed by the dentist over two visits:

  • Sinfony Resin Composite
  • EMAX all-Ceramic
  • Gold

The removal of deep dental decay in proximity to the dental nerve (dental pulp) may require a therapeutic lining of a dental medicament followed by a base of Glass Ionomer Cement prior to the final filling, whichever material that may be. This process may be performed over several visits and is aimed at improving the prognosis of the pulp and therefore, the longevity of the restoration and tooth.