At TOOTH32, we provide quality dentures. They are fabricated here in Adelaide, South Australia by A2 Dental Laboratory. Great care and pride is taken in denture construction by Mr Youngshin Choi and his team at A2 Dental Lab. Dr O’Leary has been exclusively utilizing A2 Dental Lab since 2009 for all of his denture case patients.

Dr O’Leary states that “The fit, stability, comfort and aesthetics of Dentures fabricated at A2 Dental Lab are the best I’ve seen. We have a close working relationship with the dental technicians at the laboratory in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our appreciative patients”.

Dentures are the most economical way:

  • To replace several missing teeth (partial denture - acrylic, flexible and cast chrome).
  • To replace the full dentition in patients who no longer have any natural teeth remaining (full denture).

In many cases, full dentures can be combined with dental implants to greatly add retention and stability for superior functionality and patient comfort.